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Play Store Download for Smartphone is not complex, but most phones today come with the installed application. This avoids having to download it to use it, because modern devices already have the default application. In this tutorial, we will omit cases where the application is installed Google Play and will focus on How To Play Store Download for Smarphone .

Play Store Download
When you have a virgin device, ie I rooteado … For example, Buy Chinese Mobile is very fashionable, usually come in ROOT format, much like Chinese clones of other popular brands that do not have the official Google certificate, or what is the same … that google give permission for their own applications are installed on these Chinese mobile phones, such as applications like: Haungouts, Gmail or Google Maps itself.

Download and install play mobile store is easy, you just need to access the following link to download the APK file, you’ll get in this little tutorial, play store for downloading to your mobile phone is just a matter of a few simple steps.

As you know, mentioned in previous posts, which Google Play or Play Store is going to allow us to use very useful applications, endless games or programs that will be of real help, so it is highly recommended to download play store smartphones. Millions of free apps await you, pay close attention because it was time for the tutorial and the link for Play Store on your phone.

How to install Google Play Free for Smartphones

Are you ready? Yeah right? Well, get to it, which is what we are really interested in this simple tutorial, so that you have in your mobile such a useful application like google play, that conteis with millions of applications, both pay and free … then it is that each application downloaded and installed, according to personal tastes. I go to parties, I will tell you how to do it in a few simple steps:

Google Play Store
1. Checking what version of our operating system. Go to Settings and went down to the last tab that shows “About phone”. There we can see what our version of Android. If this version is less than Android 2.3, we can not download Google Play. As in previous versions the app he used was Android Market.

2. For Android version 2.3 or higher, click on the following link and also download the latest version of Play Store in an APK (executable file of the Android app) file.

3. When the download and it becomes effective as ours. APK on your computer, pc, tablet or the like … the next step is to transfer the file to the terminal. You can also download it from the phone directly, it is much easier, but try to offer several ways to get GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

4. In order to install the file, we have to check the option “Allow install apps from unknown sources”. This option will find it in Settings> Security.

5. Already we have downloaded, now go find … probably in the downloads folder, or else, we will always have the option to use the windows search itself. In case you do not have one installed, you only have to put in the search box Google “Android file browser” and numerous websites where we download it free appear. Some of the most popular are Astro or ES File Explorer. In case you have downloaded to your terminal just have to address and click the download icon or look in the notification bar.

6. Did you find it? Probably yes, now let’s open it and follow the instructions to install it. Then we can enjoy our latest Play Store, now is when the real fun begins, find interesting applications related to our tastes! I hope this minitutorial out to your liking and make it very clear what are the steps to download Google Play in our terminal.

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